Southern Plains Photography by Sean Ramsey

My name is Sean Ramsey and I am a full time weather, landscape and nature photographer based in Yukon, Oklahoma. Each year I travel to different locations across the country to capture images of some of nature's most amazing and unique scenes, including intense storms, scenic mountains, serene desert landscapes and just about everything in between.

When I was young I found that I had a fascination with the severe storms that would roll through each spring.  As I grew into a young adult I began chasing storms and witnessed quite a few amazing events along the way.  At the same time, I also developed a great connection with the land and being out in the middle of nowhere began to feel like I was right at home.  But, I had a hard time putting into words the incredible beauty I was seeing in both the sky and the land. Fortunately in 2009 I stumbled upon an avenue that would tie it all together: photography.  Since then, I've captured a bit of the beauty of America as seen through my lens, and along the way it became my goal to also capture the essence of life in the places I visited and tell their stories through photographs. Here you will find those stories.

Over the years my photography business has grown exponentially.  Over 9,000 clients from all 50 states and 22 countries have chosen my work to display in their homes and professional settings and my work has been included in National Geographic, set designs for television shows, documentaries, magazines,  ABC, CNN, The Weather Channel, a USPS stamp and many other forms of media. ​​Air Force bases, insurance agencies, hospitals, corporate offices, interior designers, cattle auction houses, dental offices, hotels, banks and many other businesses have chosen my work to display in their professional environments.​  My clients mean everything to me, and I do my best to ensure they have a great experience when they choose my work.

It's my hope that you'll find something on this visit that will inspire you for a long time to come.  If not, be sure to check back often as I add new works regularly.

Thanks for stopping by!Buffalo graze on the Tallgrass Prairie under a big blue Oklahoma sky.