Southern Plains Photography by Sean Ramsey

Sean Ramsey of Southern Plains Photography

My name is Sean Ramsey and I am a full time weather, landscape and nature photographer based in Yukon, Oklahoma and I'm the owner of Southern Plains Photography. Each year I travel to different locations across the country to capture images of some of nature's most amazing and unique scenes, including intense storms, scenic mountains, serene desert landscapes and just about everything in between.

When I was a child I saw my first storm roll through my hometown in western Oklahoma and I was forever hooked on their powerful beauty. Just a few years later my parents began to take us kids on annual vacations to the Rocky Mountains and we saw the most incredible scenery one could imagine.  It made such an impression on me that I've made it my goal to capture nature's beauty in the same awe-inspiring way that I felt and saw it long ago.

Southern Plains Photography is so much more than a region on the map. It's about the spirit of the land and being a part of something that's much bigger than any of us. It's about the quiet solitude when you're watching a sunset, the feeling you get when you're staring at one of the world's most beautiful mountain ranges, or listening to the crashing waves of the ocean. It's about the anticipation of an incoming storm, the excitement of the changing of the seasons, the beauty of the untouched world, or places that time has long since forgotten.

I'm not great with words, so I describe my feelings in images. I visually speak about my passion for nature through my photographs. It's also my goal to provide the best quality and customer service at an affordable price and I will always do my best to make sure you have a positive experience when you choose Southern Plains Photography to decorate your environment.

Southern Plains Photography has been seen in National Geographic, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, A&E, Netflix, The Weather Channel, a USPS stamp and many other media outlets. Over 10,000 clients from all 50 states and 24 countries around the world have purchased my work to display in their homes and offices. Air Force bases, insurance agencies, hospitals, corporate offices, interior designers, cattle auction houses, dental offices, hotels, banks and many other businesses have chosen my work to display in their professional environments.​ My clients mean everything to me, and I do my best to ensure they have a great experience when they choose my work.

It's my hope that you'll find something on this visit that will inspire you for a long time to come. If not, be sure to check back often as I add new works regularly.

Thanks for stopping by!

Buffalo graze on the Tallgrass Prairie under a big blue Oklahoma sky.